The Pupillo Farm, founded in 1908, occupies a large part of the land which once constituted the fief of Targia, famous not only for the medieval Solacium castle, built for Frederick II, but also for the fertile soils which give a unique taste and scent to a variety of products: wines, olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

For over twenty years Nino Pupillo devoted himself to the reconstitution of the vineyards of his ancestors, to revive the Moscato di Siracusa, wine left long ago, which declines the history of these lands combining it with the most modern winemaking techniques.


Nino Pupillo
U Baruni

 Born in 1950, agronomist, twenty years ago has gone mad and decided to devote himself to Moscato di Siracusa. With excellent results.

Carmela Pupillo

Born in 1977, a degree in literature and a sommelier diploma, has the ubiquity gift and arrives before everyone in the morning.

Sebastiano Pupillo

Born in 1976, degree in communication, long beard, camera always on the neck, lives in Rome. The family hipster, in fact.


Not far from Megara Hyblaea, one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily, the ancient feud of Targia extended for over 345 acres, set among the Ionian Sea, the ruins of the Euryalus Castle and the Dionysian walls. Thanks to a long family tradition, the Pupillo Farm has recovered the lost taste of Moscato di Siracusa and renewed the more consolidated and typical one of Nero d’Avola. The vines thrive in the six plots of Senie, Mulino, Podere 27, Tre Acri, Favaraggio and Vignazza delle Monache. In these mixed soils the limestone component gives softness to Moscato grapes, while the volcanic one strengthens the red wine’s body.

The careful selection of grapes, harvested in the cool summer mornings to preserve their organoleptic properties, is a prelude to a quality wine production in which the hand of man expertly blends the most characteristic flavors and smells (orange blossom, citrus, raisins, peach, apricot, jasmine, honey) of the rich Syracuse area. This green oasis, that descends into the fertile plain of Epipoli and breathe the salty air of the nearby Mediterranean coast, is the birthplace of the prestigious labels that consolidate a family tradition spanning a century and tell the story of the city of Syracuse.



Entrepreneurial vision, local roots, valorization of assets and traditional crops, indissoluble bond with the Feud of Targia: these have always been the strengths of the Pupillo family, among the best known and ancient of Siracusa. In the first decade of the twentieth century the Pupillo, originating from Ferla, set their home in the Castle of Frederick II at the behest of Antonino Pupillo, young lawyer and mayor of Ferla, in love for the Feud of Targia and its naturalistic beauty.

In late 80s Nino Pupillo, the grandson of the founder, decided to plant the first vineyard of Moscato di Siracusa, to avoid the disappearance of a DOC too long forgotten. Still today the fertility of the land guarantees the cultivation of typical products of the Mediterranean diet: citrus (with the recovery of local orange varieties called tarocco, sanguinello and moro), vegetables (new potatoes), olive oil and wine.


Eloisa Barresi
Baroness of Canseria


Antonino Pupillo
Major of Ferla


Sebastiano Pupillo
Lawyer and entrepreneur